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Program Costs

Tuition must be paid in full by the designated date which is prior to the program start date. When an applicant is accepted a non-refundable deposit and letter of intent to enroll is due in order to hold the applicant's place in the program. The balance of the tuition must be paid by the defined due date as outlined in the program year calendar and admissions documents. Payments are accepted via credit card or via check or money order. ARC candidates are not eligible for Free Application for Federal candidate Aid (FAFSA) related financial assistance or federal Stafford Loans.

Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy

Non-refundable Application Fee: $125.00

Non-refundable Deposit: $2,000.00 (applied to total tuition balance)

Requests for withdrawal and/or a tuition refund must be submitted in writing to the ARC Office. The tuition refund amount will be based on the tuition balance paid (after the $2,000.00 non refundable deposit) and will adhere to the following program timelines:

Date of refund request

Refund Amount

Prior to but not including the first day of Program

100% of tuition balance

Within the first calendar week of class

60% of tuition balance

Within the second and third week of class

40% of tuition balance

No refund will be issued once the fourth week of class has begun

Calendar weeks run Sunday through Saturday

Tuition and other fees in the ARC Program estimate to about $6,500.


The ARC Program does not have an option to defer admission to a future program year as program requirements, tuition, certification offerings, etc. are subject to change for future programs. We encourage applicants who are unable to accept admission to re-apply for a future program.


Loans provided by the Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority (CHESLA) are available for admitted ARC candidates. Complete information is available here. ARC applicants seeking CHESLA loans should apply to CHESLA at the same time they apply to ARC. This will ensure that tuition eligibility is known at the time of acceptance into the ARC program. The funds must be received by ARC by the established deposit and tuition balance due date(s).

Veteran Benefits

Connecticut tuition waivers for veterans may not be used to cover the costs of the ARC program. However, applicants who are eligible for Veterans Administration (VA) education benefits should contact ARC immediately after admission to certify their enrollment with the VA. Military Connected candidates (active duty, veterans or a spouse or direct dependent of an active duty or veteran) accepted into the ARC program will receive 50% off tuition.
The ARC program will not charge VA candidates a late fee while awaiting tuition and fee funds from the VA. The ARC program may apply fees to VA candidates with eligibility of less than 100%, prorated to the percentage of charges not covered by VA benefits.

Active Duty and Retired Military - TROOPS TO TEACHERS

Troops to Teachers is a federal program that helps eligible military personnel begin new careers as public school teachers. The program provides eligible participants with financial assistance up to $5,000 to reimburse the costs associated with becoming a certified teacher if the participants agree to teach for three years in a school located in a “high-need” district. An additional bonus is available to those who agree to teach for three years in a school that serves a high percentage of candidates from low-income families.

The federal designation of low-income schools approved for Troops to Teachers funding and support includes schools where at least 40% of the children in the school attendance area are from low-income families or at least 40% of enrolled candidates are from low-income families eligible to receive federal Title I funds. The proportion of low-income families is most frequently measured by the percent of candidates receiving free and reduced-price lunch. The program also offers job referral and placement assistance. Visit their website to access state assistance offices and find contact information for advice.

RESC MTR Minority Teacher Recruitment

The Regional Education Service Center Minority Teacher Recruiting (RESC MTR) Alliance was established by the Connecticut General Assembly and is a collaborative of the six Connecticut Regional Education Service Centers and the public districts they serve. With funding from the General Assembly, the RESC MTR Alliance receives allocations as directed from the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE). If money is made available, an application will be provided to those accepted into the ARC program.


Through TEACH Connecticut, applicants may apply for up to $100 reimbursement towards their ARC application fee. Additionally, applicants may also apply to win a $1,000 TEACH Connecticut Scholarship for their time in ARC.










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