Timothy D. Larson

Timothy D. Larson

Executive Director



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Staff Directory

        Phone           Email
Larson, Timothy D.
Executive Director


(860)947-1801 Timothy.D.Larson@ct.gov
Aberasturia, Ram
Finance and Human Resources


(860)947-1819 Ram.Aberasturia@ct.gov
Bernier, Rachael
Alternate Route to Certification


(860)947-1903 RBernier@ctohe.org
Bjornberg, Emily
Academic Affairs


(860)947-1924 Emily.Bjornberg@ct.gov
Ciecko, Scott

Financial Affairs


(860)947-1855 Scott.Ciecko@ct.gov
Criscuolo, Michael

Veterans Program Approval


(860)947-1816 Michael.Criscuolo@ct.gov
Dancosse, Suzette
Information Technology


(860)947-1840 Suzette.Dancosse@ct.gov
Dao, Huyen



(860)947-1842 Huyen.Dao@ct.gov
Eckman, Adrienne

National Service


(860)947-1847 Adrienne.Eckman@ct.gov
Felder, Robert

Minority Advancement Program


(860)947-1805 Robert.Felder@ct.gov
French, Mark
Director, Financial Aid


(860)947-1855 Mark.French@ct.gov
Gaywood, Donna

Finance and Administration


(860)947-1853 Donna.Gaywood@ct.gov
Georges, Melissa
National Service


(860)947-1830 Melissa.Georges@ct.gov
Goodwin, Lynne M.

Financial Aid


(860)947-1855 Lynne.Goodwin@ct.gov
Ingram, Tia
National Service


(860)947-1804 Tia.Ingram@ct.gov
Lucier, Jacqueline
Executive Director, National Service


(860)947-1801 Jacqueline.Lucier@ct.gov
Kidney, Noele
Executive Director's Office


(860)947-1801 Noele.Kidney@ct.gov
Martinez, Christine

Academic Affairs


(860)947-1823 Christine.P.Martinez@ct.gov
Nguyen, Vi

Academic Affairs


(860)947-1816 Vi.Nguyen@ct.gov
Nixon, Teri

Alternate Route to Certification


(860)947-1300 Teri.Nixon@ct.gov
Scheuritzel, Kate
National Service


(860)947-1826 Kate.Scheuritzel@ct.gov
Seepersad, Sean
Division Director, Academic Affairs


(860)947-1837 Sean.Seepersad@ct.gov
Sieffert, Melissa
Alternate Route to Certification


(860)947-1921 Melissa.Sieffert@ct.gov
Tiscia, Ryan

Academic Affairs


(860)947-1816 Ryan.Tiscia@ct.gov


450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 707, Hartford, CT  06103-1841, Phone:  860-947-1800

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