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How to Close a School or Branch

The steps that must be followed to properly cease operation of a school or branch are:

Notify the Office of Higher Education in a letter of intent at least sixty (60) days prior to school or branch closure. Upon receipt of your letter, we will acknowledge your intentions in writing and outline the necessary procedures to follow.

  • Verify that all course work will be or has been completed by current students.  If any students have not completed their training, please provide the Office of Higher Education with their contact information and expected completion dates to facilitate transfers to other institutions where students may complete their program of study.

  • Verify there are no refunds due to any students.

  • Notify the Office of Higher Education as to whether records will be maintained by you as prescribed in Section 10a-22k-5(f) of the Regulations of State Agencies or shall be filed with the Executive Director of the Office of Higher Education.  The following student records must be preserved and maintained in perpetuity:  (a) admission and cumulative records of students including the results of achievement tests, if any, as well as academic grades and attendance showing the names and permanent address of each student; (b) the date the student began instruction at the school; (c) a copy of the individual enrollment agreement for each student; (d) information about each program in which the student is or was enrolled, including name of program, length of program in clock or credit hours, tuition paid in each calendar quarter; and (e) date of last instruction or of course completion.

  • Verify, if applicable, that final payment has been made to the Private Occupational School Student Protection Account, and that all reports have been filed.

Once these steps have been completed, if applicable, the Irrevocable Letter of Credit will be returned to the bank of origination for cancellation.



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