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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a hospital-based occupational school?  It is a hospital offering instruction in an allied health profession for any remuneration, consideration, reward or promise (except to hospital employees, members of the medical staff and training for contracted workers) which has been approved to operate in the State of Connecticut by the Executive Director of the Office of Higher Education. This school is non-degree granting and does not offer collegiate credit or confer degrees.


What is the role of the Office of Higher Education?  The Office of Higher Education provides consumer protection for students and potential students.  The Office of Higher Education works with schools to assure compliance with state statutes and regulations.


What types of schools does the Office of Higher Education authorize? The Office of Higher Education has approved a variety of schools that provide vocational training which can lead to entry-level employment.  These schools offer a wide range of programs such as phlebotomy, radiologic technology and surgical technology.


What types of schools are exempt from authorization by the Office of Higher Education?  Exempt from authorization are schools that offer instruction under public supervision and control; instruction conducted by a firm or organization solely for the training of its own employees; or instruction offered by a school authorized by the General Assembly to confer degrees.


How do I apply to become a hospital-based occupational school?  See Application Information and/or contact the Office of Higher Education.


Can I operate a school while my application is pending?  No.  In Connecticut, only schools approved by the Executive Director of the Office of Higher Education can operate.  Filing an application indicates the intention of becoming approved but does not assure that all the conditions of authorization have been met.


Can I submit a partial new school application and submit the remaining documents at a later date?  No.  The application must be submitted in its entirety.


At what intervals are school authorizations renewed?  Every three years. 


What is the difference between authorization and accreditation?  A school receives approval/authorization by the Executive Director of the Office of Higher Education to operate in the State of Connecticut.  This is the first level of approval.  Once a school receives the Executive Director’s approval, it may voluntarily apply for accreditation by an independent accrediting council that has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.  Accreditation is a separate approval process where the school meets an independent accrediting council’s evaluation standards.  A school that has met the independent accrediting council’s evaluation standards and has received accreditation, may apply to the federal government to participate in Title IV financial aid.


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