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Procedures for Approval

Submit a complete application to the Office of Higher Education no less than 120 days prior to the date on which you plan to open your school (per Sec. 10a-22k-3 of the Regulations of State Agencies).

Submission of a non-refundable $200 Application Fee filed with the application of the proposed hospital-based occupational school.

A review of the application by the Office of Higher Education which may require you to provide additional information.

The Office of Higher Education will conduct an evaluation visit (per Sec. 10a-22k-4 of the Regulations of State Agencies), using the evaluation criteria contained in Sec. 10a-22k-5 of the Regulations of State Agencies

Following the visit, the evaluation team chairperson will submit an evaluation report based on the findings by the evaluation team which will include areas of improvement. A recommendation of authorization will be submitted to the Executive Director of the Office of Higher Education once evidence of corrections to any findings is provided.

Once initial approval is granted, the hospital-based school will receive an authorization for three years.  The hospital-based school will be required to renew their authorization every 3 years.

Administrative Capability

Each approved hospital-based occupational school and each branch of the school located in Connecticut must have a director located at the school or branch who is responsible for daily oversight of the school's or branch's operation. 

Applications for approval are submitted through our Veoci database here: New Private Occupation School Inquiry


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